Bike Sharing Atlas


The interactive visualization system supports the explorative data analysis of more than 460 bike-sharing networks worldwide. Being increasingly digitized, these networks nowadays produce data that can reveal interesting insights, not only into patterns of bicycle usage but also underlying spatio-temporal dynamics of a city. We recorded this data from several hundred networks worldwide, over a period of 17 months, and made it publicly accessible through a common web platform. The application leverages a multi-coordinated view approach and innovative interaction techniques can help, for instance, to expose capacity bottlenecks, commuting patterns, and other network characteristics. Our broader goal was to illustrate how visual analysis can be used for exploring distributed, heterogeneous data from smart cities.


Bike Sharing Atlas: Visual Analysis of Bike-Sharing Networks. International Journal of Transportation (IJT), 6(1): 1-14, 2018
Michael Oppermann, Torsten Möller, and Michael Sedlmair

Conference Talk

A Global Perspective on Bike Sharing Networks and Urban Commuting Patterns.
Int. Visualization in Transportation Symposium, Washington DC, 2017


Bike Sharing Atlas: Visual Analysis of Bike Sharing Networks and Urban Commuting Patterns Worldwide. Master's Thesis, 2017
Michael Oppermann (advised by Michael Sedlmair and Torsten Möller)

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